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Silicon Rubber Tubing

Silicon Rubber Tubing

“Lab Smith” Silicon Rubber Tubing is Suitable for use over a temperature range of -50°C to 250°C, autoclavable, highly elastic. Resistant to strong alkalis, oils, bromine, carbon tetrachloride and toluene. Transparent tubing. Tubing is of medical grade, conforming to USP Class VI and also available in colors like: Blue and black.

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  • Suitable for laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Industrial use. It has specific advantages over other types such as latex, usual synthetic rubber and plastic tubing.
  • Silicon Rubber Tubing is suitable for use over a temperature of -50°C to 250°C, hence useful for transfer of hot liquids.
  • It can be sterilized by steam (autoclave) or by hot air. This finds applications for use under aseptic conditions.
  • The tubing is odorless. It does not impart any smell or taste to liquid passing through it. It is suitable for transfer of pharmaceutical liquids, beverages and other food preparations.
  • The Silicon Rubber used for making tubing is of superior grade. Tubing is not irritant to skin.
  • The tubing is highly elastic and hence suitable for use with peristaltic pump.
  • Silicon Rubber is attacked by strong acids, strong alkalis, oils, bromine, carbon
    tetrachloride and toluene. The tubing is not recommended to use with these materials.
    Silicon Rubber Tubing is transparent to translucent.

Ordering Information with Specifications:

Catalogue No. Inner Diameter

± 0.5 mm

Wall Thickness

± 0.2 mm

LR-30-20-10 2 1
LR-30-20-20 3 1
LR-30-20-30 3 1.5
LR-30-20-40 4 1
LR-30-20-50 4 1.5
LR-30-20-60 5 1
LR-30-20-70 5 1.5
LR-30-20-80 6 1
LR-30-20-90 6 1.5
LR-30-21-00 6 2
LR-30-21-10 6 3
LR-30-21-20 7 1.5
LR-30-21-30 7 2
LR-30-21-40 8 1.5
LR-30-21-50 8 2
LR-30-21-60 8 3
LR-30-21-70 9 2
LR-30-21-80 10 2
LR-30-21-90 10 3
LR-30-22-00 12 3.5
LR-30-22-10 12.5 2.5
LR-30-22-20 14 3
LR-30-22-30 15 4
LR-30-22-40 16 3

Note: Silicone Tubing Coil Length 5 meter or 10 meter.