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Ordinary Pressure Rubber Tubing

Ordinary Pressure Rubber Tubing

“Lab Smith” Ordinary Pressure Rubber Tubing is of Superior quality, shore hardness 45, temp. range -30°C to 70°C, light, flexible, for transferring gasses, liquids. It is resistant to dilute acids, alkalis, ammonia etc. For normal laboratory use.

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Ordering Information with Specifications:

Catalogue No. Approx Bore mm Wall Thickness mm
LR-30-28-70 3 mm 3 mm
LR-30-28-80 4.5 mm 3 mm
LR-30-28-90 6.0 mm 3 mm
LR-30-29-00 8.0 mm 3 mm
LR-30-29-10 9.0 mm 3 mm
LR-30-29-20 10.0 mm 3.5 mm

Note: Minimum order – Coil length 10 meters