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A pioneering and exploring manufacturing scientific glass firm dealing with the design and production of Laboratory Glassware. The company works on very genuine opinions of Quality products, Innovation, time bond supplies for manufacturing each product with consistent investments in research and development. Currently, all products from Kanha Scientific Glass Works are manufactured at par with the most advanced international standards with upgrades made as per changes at all times. This firm works to equip their clients’ labs with an experts’ recommended collection of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Glass Equipments, Glass Equipment, and Industrial Glass.

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Kanha Scientific Glass Works takes this opportunity to introduce itself as one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory and industrial glassware. With the use of supreme quality raw materials from the trusted sources, we manufacture high-quality laboratory glassware.

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All products are backed by our dedicated team of applications specialists and service engineers who offer a broad range of support with calibration services. All our services are compliant with relevant ISO standards.

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